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Lewis & Clark Exploratory Center
Annual Meeting
June 21, 2015

1:30 PM-3 PM
Wooden Boat Rides and Father’s Day Activities
Bring Your Children to Make a Father’s Day portrait
We’ll have sittings for children to learn
how to paint an old-fashioned portrait
based on Lewis and Clark renditions

3 PM to 5 PM

Refreshments at 3 PM
Addresses begin at 3:15 PM

I. Greetings from the President, Fran Lawrence
II. Welcome to the Home Front Chapter, Joe Gieck
III. The History of the Lewis & Clark Exploratory Center,
Fran Lawrence and Alexandria Searls
IV. Honoring the Service of Departing Board Members
Amy Hill and Eric Johnson, Alexandria Searls
V. Honoring the Service of Fran Lawrence,
Sally Thomas, Heather Riser, and Alexandria Searls
VI. Approval of Minutes, led by Fran Lawrence
VII. Financial and Construction Reports,
Heather Riser and Fran Lawrence
VIII. Renewal of Board Term
Valerie L’Herrou
IX. Election of Officers
Heather Riser, President
John Conover, Vice President
Chris McLean, Treasurer
Sally Thomas, Secretary
Fran Lawrence, Immediate Past President
X. Adjourn


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