We are Closed August 11 and August 12

August 8, 2017 | Posted in Uncategorized | By

The Lewis & Clark Exploratory Center will be closed Friday, August 11, and Saturday, August 12, because of the Unite the Right rallies and counter-rallies taking place in Charlottesville’s public parks that weekend. Though the rally is now scheduled for McIntire Park, there was an application for Darden Towe, and spill-over may occur, despite the controls placed on the rallies. We want people to stay safe. The University of Virginia is hosting events, such as a free Disney movie, as a way to give alternatives for the weekend. Though we wish we could do the same, we do not have the security personnel that they do. Though the weekend may prove to be uneventful, we made our best decision for everyone’s peace of mind. We will be working on our new exhibition, and hoping that everyone has a peaceful weekend.